Single player Disconnect ??!!!

Hello, since yesterday’s update I’m having this issue when I use the dismemberment mod or the gibmod:

Whenever I “dismember” someone, I get kicked from my single player game with the message

I look in the console and I find this:

anyone else experiencing this issue ? I love the dismemberment mod and I cannot play without it T_T

EDIT: The number before “active EHandles” is different everytime I get “kicked” out my own single player game, depending on how I kill the NPC I think, when I pwned breen with the AK47 I got 4 active EHandles while when I pwned Kleiner with the spikey pit in ragdoll slaughter it gave me 2 EHandles… I’m seriously confused

EDIT 2: Just crashed again with an extra line on console:

up D:

Probably an addon doing that.

Yes, in fact it only happens with dismemberment mod and gibmod, but WHY ?!?!

Also I noticed that with the gibmod (wich also works online), if I use it on my SERVER it doesn’t crash, it crashes only in single player O_o

I get that sometimes when I cause epic lag by blowing up an explosive building with combustible lemons.

It does it for me and I have literally nothing installed. Never, ever used to do it.

Yeah same here. Did this update render our precious Dismemberment Mod useless?

This happens when I spawn a certain dupe from Adv duplicator. Some of them spawn correctly, the rest just get stuck at 97% then > “Disconnect: .”

Alright, uninstalling GibSplat 2.0 seemed to have solved the problem with me. Even when making big explosions not related to bodies. Hmm…