Single-player Gamemode and LAN Accessibility

Hello there,
I have purchased Rust a few months ago and I am having a blast with the game, it is amazing. But I did wish I could play alone or play with friends without going through the hassle of digging through files to create a lan server. (Not a computer guy) Now, I have seen that people like to make fun of or jeer at people who want and request a Single player mode, but for me, I prefer a PVE type game with perhaps friends around to help. I do enjoy raiding and such but I think singleplayer would be a great addition.
There are several reasons people might want to play singleplayer.
1.) PVE Experience (Like I said earlier, I prefer this type, Rust would be a great PVE game)
2.) Tutorial for Beginners (This could also be a way for players to get a grip on the game, but I know some of you may say play on empty servers and noob friendly servers but this would be a way that it is guarantied to not be interrupted by players)
3.) Building without wipes (Some people think of this game as an upgrade to Minecraft, and do want to play it as such. With singleplayer, you can build great monuments without worrying about raids or wipes.)

Of course there are plenty more but these are a few that I think are important. I do enjoy PVP and raids but sometimes I just want to survive in an immersive world like Rust. I do not know if singleplayer mode is in development or not but this would be great. Some people tell me that just make your own server or play on empty ones, which I guess do serve decently but an entire other gamemode would open so many possibilities, like saving worlds and such.

Another thing I noticed is that getting an LAN server up is kinda complicated (not a computer guy). If there was a button or something to switch a world into that (this is where singleplayer and LAN mesh together) this would make it so much easier.

I appreciate you for your time and I hope the community will agree to some extent.
Input is appreciated, if you just hate this idea and you want to post things like “lame” and text that means nothing, I suggest you just exit this thread and save your time and mine.

New rust just isnt hard enough to be PvE expirience game… you basically cannot starve, even if you try hard, helis would have appear every one after annother to not get you bored, a waves of mutated animals would have to happen… etc.

I think that FacePunch are currently focusing on getting the PvP/player interaction side of the game before going on with the PvE side of the game.

I think so about it because most recent changes were mostly focused around weapons and players.

It’s probably best like this, because if PvE was more fleshed out than PvP, then surviving might be more difficult.

Anyways, OP, do you have anyone with a good PC and some knowledge with servers? There are docs about server creation, might be useful to read

This would be a cool feature, but if it ever were to happen it wouldn’t be for a long time. For now you could either run your own server off your computer (you would need a fairly high end machine to run the server and play the game) or you could just rent a server and whitelist it so only people you whitelist can join it, you can rent a server for around $15 US a month. A server this cheap wouldn’t be the best but would be fine if there were less then 50 players on it.