Single player lag

Before anything I have to say I have already searched for an answer, so if you have a link to another thread that’s great but if it comes with a flame that’s not great.

Now for the topic.
I am getting a lot of lag in single player, enough lag that it’s unplayable. If I go online I will have either no lag at all or a small amount if there’s a large amount of props, but it’s still bearable. I thought it was the addons, but now I think otherwise because I have the same exact addons as the server I use does. :frowning:

Any help is appreciated.

Computer specs? Addons?

When playing singleplayer, things that are normally computer serverside are, obviously, computed clientside with everything else. If you have a lot of addons that eat up resources (as I’ve heard Spacebuild, Life Support and RD do), it could explain why you’re getting poor performance in singleplayer.

My addons:
Engine mod

That’s it, and that’s all the server I play on has.

Now my specs…
Please note before hand my computer is quite outdated :]
Windows XP
1.5 Gb’s of RAM
Nvidia GeForce 6200 256MB VRAM AGP 8x
“3000+ AMD Althalon 64 Processor” “2.0 GHz” (Im reading this directly from the front of the computer)

Reading the specs I just posted makes me sad, lol