Single player likes to crash ALOT

Multiplayer is fine whenever i play there, but every time, on every map, after about playing for like 5 minutes it freezes and then goes black. then the little notification window comes up and says hl2.exe is not responding bla bla bla


Need your system specs.

Are your drivers up to date?

Go to Steam > Games > Garrysmod > Settings > Boot Options >

-dxlevel 81 -window

i dont think its my specs
asus m4a78-e
sapphire 1gb 4870
amd phenom II x4 845 @ 3ghz
4gb ddr2 ram

that ^

gah which drivers?

Start with the graphics card driver (thats’ the most important driver for gaming):

Remember to uninstall your old driver via the “control panel > remove a program” first (most likely called something with ATI)

And don’t be scared when your resolution is crap after you’ve uninstalled the old driver, that’s normal.

its not my gpu driver :frowning: