Single Player Load Game Issue (Prop/NPC Duping)


I’ve been running into a strange problem when loading a single player game. For some reason, and it doesn’t matter which map it is, when I load a game it will basically duplicate every original prop and NPC in the map as if it were attempting to restore the map to the default “starting position”.

As an example, let’s say I create a save game on d1_town_02 (a favorite of mine); once I load that save game, any props etc. I’ve put in there will remain as intended… However, regardless of whether or not I deleted any of the original NPCs or props that are placed on that map by the author, the game will reload them all. This can make things very awkward and pretty frustrating as you can imagine clones of the fast zombies at the start regardless of whether or not I deleted the original stuff. If I don’t delete the original stuff, it doubles everything; props, NPCs etc. - leading to clones of said props flying about and breaking stuff if loaded on top of an undeleted original.

Is there a fix for this issue? I’ve tried disabling ALL of my addons, but it didn’t seem to make any difference.