Single Player Mapping Competition (Prizes, Fun, and Other Things!)

The competition is not really that simple. It will involve a lot of planning by the level designers, and will be fairly hard to judge. Anyways, this competition is to make a single player campaign. It doesn’t have to be really anything specific, you can have a puzzley one (is that word?) you can have an adventurey one, a horror map, the list really does go on forever.

So, what I am going to is, have three judges, one will be me, and two others, who I have yet to decide. The judges will judge maps based off of three categories, level design, playability, and difficulty. After the judges have chosen a map for each category, I will then hold a community poll on the three maps, to decide the map that ultimately fits into every category.

Categories (remember you want to try to cover all three as best to your ability, and not focus on just one.)

Level Design, this is how pretty the map is, and how well it flows. I have a feeling the least linear of these maps will win the category.

Playability: optimization, and overall how buggy the map is, and if there is a lot of excess detail that distracts from the campaign.

Story/atmosphere: While a single-player puzzle map is fun, it’s nothing with out a story, or at least atmosphere if it’s a horror map.

Overall: This will be community voted, is the map that is the mixture between all three categories.

Prizes! (no I will not be accepting donations*)

Each of the winners of the categories will receive 20$ Except for the one who wins the overall category, they will win 60$, then 20$ extra dollars will be rewarded to the runner up of the overall category.* Also Eyefunk offered up a Dues Ex bundle to 1st place.

Deadline will be November 30th

People who have entered:

Grenade Man (Looking for partner)
Bubz (Looking for a partner)
Stiffy360 & nicolasx21
Maspe36 (Looking for a partner)
mopman999 & Maspe36
Maspe36 & mopman999
nicolasx21 & Stiffy360
HMuldoon & 1996Langley
1996Langley & HMuldoon
azgag & Holiest Cow
Holiest Cow & azgag
Alex Vixgeck
a wet towel

Number of Contestants: 38 or something.

Doc. F
Guest Judges:

All this is subject to change except for the *, until the start of the competition, so please voice your opinions, on everything. To enter, just either post in this thread or pm me, that you are entering. If you would like to be a judge, pm me your application. I want someone who is experienced with either beta testing or mapping, or both to judge. Again, if you feel like something is not fair, just post about it, I am sure we can work it out.

I’m not really looking for a whole single player campaign, just a single player level. I am not looking for a whole game. A single map with a short story, and some puzzles, will be just fine. I only say you can have up to two maps, just in case you need to break up your map for optimization reasons, I would prefer only one map.

Can this be for source mods too as long as it’s source?

I don’t see why not, as long as the mod is free.

Expect BMS maps then

That’s what I figured was going to happen I think it’s great though.

A single player campaign in 2 months…good luck with that…

Count me in! Of all the competitions I entered so far I was second. I never won. Time to change this.

I could use a partner. Someone motivated and skilled. If you are interested throw me a PM. Prize will be split 50/50.

Thinking of joining, but my mapping skills have gotten rusty as of late. Fuck it, count me in!

Anyone want to team up with me? My mapping skills aren’t that sharp, but I’ll do the best that I can. I really don’t care about the prize either, kinda want to do this for fun. :v:

Well coincidentally, a week ago, I started a sort of “campaign” map for Gmod. However, if I were to enter, then I would enter that map, except I already started, and that’s a bit of an unfair advantage as I’ve been working on it and have a lot done on it already. Good luck to all who enter though.

Well, if people feel they need longer, I am up to negotiation.

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Very noble of you. Good luck with your map!

I’ll offer, but I ain’t the best mapper either :v: maybe our skills combined can make something decent haha.

I think two months is perfect. Any longer and it will get forgotten and people will be lazy.

I’ll join, who wanna team up with bubzy.

If explosive cheese deosn’t want to team up with me, I will. Just so you know, I ain’t really the best mapper out there!

Just let me now when you guys team up, so I can update the OP.

I had an idea for a Half-Life 2 level, it revolves around rebels taking place during the week Gordon and Alyx make the slow teleport, but the only thing I know how to do is map. Even then I still need practice in hammer. Maybe I can participate in a different competition another time.

What do you have to loose from practicing in this competition? Sometimes a little motivation can help you map better.

I know how to map, but it’s everything else I don’t know how to do. Things like scripted_sequences and making other maps load when you reach a certain point. Without what I just listed, I won’t be able to make what I want my level(s) to be.

Sure, I’ll team up with ya! 2 crappy mappers = the best map in the world. :v: