Single Player Mode for Rust?

Rust is a pretty bad ass game if I don’t say so my self. However, it can be a nuisance when you have trolls, hackers, and people that just like to screw stuff up. Will single player be an option anytime soon? Like instead of playing with other players there would be bots. Being only able to play Rust in multiplayer can be a doozy but I really think adding a single player option would make it 1000 times greater than what it already is.

I do not believe they are going in the direction of a single player game, most people I see on forums seem to think The Forest is a good game if you want to try that one out. As for this game you can always join a friendlier server that will help with new players / those that just want to PVE etc. My server has options to PVP or PVE with use of an edited protection mod.

I know this may not be what you are looking for because you want to play against NPC that hunt you (which may be in the game eventually who knows) but it may be a small solution to not being overwhelmed by PVP / KoS players.


what in earth would you do if there were no players to fight? kill mutated wolves until you get full kevlar? then wat?

Rust is being developed as an online multiplayer game.

Modifying everything to be balanced for a single-player, offline experience is possible, but it would be a massive distraction from actually… making the game, right now, so if it were to happen, it wouldn’t be for a good while.

Playing single player gets old in games such as this. Its like life, you play with yourself to an extent and finally realize there are other people in the world to play with it like you used to. (Take that sentence one way or another)

I highly doubt you will ever see a single-player version of this game…it simply isnt what the game is about. It WOULD be nice to see an official PVE setting though.

there is a pve setting. Do you mean an Official pve server? there were 3, they disappeared a few months ago.

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just join one fo the many many empty servers. I have my own server to mess around on, 12 bucks a month. I occasionally play on other servers for some excitement.

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there is a pve setting. Do you mean an Official pve server? there were 3, they disappeared a few months ago.

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I have never actually seen a PVE server…however I was thinking more of a PVE setting you can have on, and if you attack someone you get flagged for PVE for a duration. Being stuck just Pve Or just PvP can be a bit frustrating.

Maybe Rust isn’t the game for you.

This kinda reminds me of Tibia’s game mechanic. if you attacked someone you got a red skull next to you and people could attack you without being penalised. the only issue there is the visual representation of “this guy’s a baddy,” which i’m sure garry wanted to steer clear of

I love that tired BS response from people. Thanks for your complete and utter waste of effort, and condesending BS. Truely appreciated, so glad you could actually contribute, really.

Well… The Tibia system is kinda “common”. It’s just like a “karma” system, which Garry said he wouldn’t add in Rust. As someone who played tibia for over 7 years, I can tell you the game was ruined once they started to add this kind of stuff, such as karma, which slowly took away the freedom of players.

Oh, by the way, in Tibia if you killed more players than the rules permitted, you would actually get banned from the game for a while, back in the days. So yes, basically taking away all the freedom.

True, Im not sure how you would actually implement it without a visual cue…I guess if you simply tried to target someone with an attack who wasnt cued for PvP you could get a message on your screen saying something like “Not qued for PvP” or something, but then you would still be flagged for it yourself? Or maybe like just a general broadcast in the game chat? Maybe once more of the Mobs are released the PvP will be a more satisfacotory way of playing…better AI and all that.

That, i did not know, probably because i never really managed to get very far. i may have to consider going back to it.

Read this blog post by garry about what Rust is about.

Now tell me that a PVP flag that you activate by attacking anyone belongs in Rust. It’s not that kind of game: unless the server is set PVE, everyone is PVP-enabled at all times and friendly fire is always on. And on PVE servers, you can’t stop raiders if they get in your base, because you can’t kill them. Oops.

If you don’t like that kind of game, that’s fine, but that’s not a reason to change Rust.

There will not be a karma system implemented. That’s not the kind of game Rust is supposed to be.
I believe that’s what Elix meant when he said that this might not be the game for you.

Rust isn’t going to hold people’s hands and say “this guy is dangerous.” If someone kills you then take note of his name, if you happen across them again then you might have a fight or flight situation on your hands.

The game is all based around player freedom. For some people that means running around shotgunning people in the frontal lobe, for others it means farming and trading and building towns, and for even more others it’s some crazy fucked up role play shit or some combination of all three.

Eventually there will be more player customization that will make noticing specific players a bit easier (maybe, they could change clothes…). Until then it’s kind of a “grin and bear it” type situation.

But singleplayer IS kind of in the game rigth now because there is hundreds of empty servers rigth?

I am assuming you meant flagged as PVP. This will never be in the vanilla version of the game but I do run a system like this in my modded server. You can get a PVE shield once a day until you PVP or Raid and then it falls off instantly. It is not for everyone and my server is more meant as a safe place for new players / builders. But also offers the choice of PVP so its not a pure PVE type server.