Single player Prison maps with VMFs

Download Link:

I’ve spent months making this singleplayer Nova Prospekt map for episode two but I don’t think I will ever finish it so I am just releasing it how it is with the VMFs.
Feel free to edit it or take parts from it

Some in game pictures:

Video of me playing whole thing:

Download Link:

It’s spectacular.


Finish it dude, it’s some fine work here.

Looks really great! Almost as if it was ripped straight from Half-Life. If you can, please finish it!

Really well done. I might re-purpose this for a HL2RP event for the community I’m at if that’s okay with you?

Sure go ahead
Also I will try to finish this but it will probably take me some more months

Thanks heaps, looking forward to it!

Am I allowed to add on to it?

Yes, it says so in the OP.