Single Player

From the time I’ve seen this game till the time I actually bought it and played I thought why not be able to make a single player / lan for those that don’t really have internet or just for the sake of playing it alone. Would be just like the multiplayer but with increased zombies and possible npcs. This would give the option for those that want to play to play without an internet connection. Also could expand the modding community to make a single player based gamebetter with ideas and such

It also opens the game up for people to pirate it and not be willing to buy it. I say no to this. Besides, the heart of the game is in the survival aspect, and it’s too easy with just NPCs, the challenge is in the PvP.

Single Player for what?At this time all stuff you can get,its possible do get it in 1 Day if you try.And then?Hunting Zombies (or their replacement) the whole Day?
Yey,thats sound funny.
Dont missunderstood me,i play on Servern with only a few players,but ONLY Single Player?No Way.

So i disagree

It wouldn’t be to long before it would become that even with it only serverside. But I see the aspect more like a minecraft type since it basically is a type of that but only more advanced, thus no matter what type of it is a game will always be pirated some how or another it’s only just a matter of time

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No No not only single player, I mean as an option like in the main menu