Singleplayer completely doesn't work anymore

Recently I installed the ‘tttweapons’ Stool to help someone with making scripts for some maps for the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode.

What it caused is that none of my controls work anymore in singleplayer, and this error’s spammed in the console.

Wiping the folder and reinstalling Gmod hasn’t fixed the problem, so I’m clueless as to how to fix it.

Then delete that addon. It might be for Gmod9, but still, some addons (Like the portal gun) are broken.

Actually, It may have been the engine update garry did. So, you may want to wait for a newer version of tttwapons.

I did delete it, but it hasn’t fixed it.

Matter of fact there’s been several Stools that run in singleplayer (Laser, Bodygroup) that are running even though I deleted the addons long ago. Is there a hidden folder Gmod copys the tools to that I haven’t found?

There might be something hiding inside your sandbox gamemode folder, or in your lua folder. To see if it’s hiding in folders, create a new folder and pull the suspected folders into that folder, and run garrysmod.
Start out with Settings Cfg and Lua. Use the method of elimination.

By something hiding, I mean remaining files from the corrupt addon/script.

I fixed it.

I had ‘myinfo_bytes’ set up somewhere the 8000’s in the Autoexec file to try to fix a connection problem with a server I was having, and didn’t comment it out when I was finished with it.

It was harmless up until I installed the addon, in which it broke my Gmod.