Singleplayer custom gamemode help!

How do I use a custom gamemode in single player? Ive added gamemode “Lemons” to server.cfg and autoexc.cfg. Ive put the gamemode in in the gamemode folder. Still doesn’t come up? :frowning:

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Someone please answer!


Post your startup.bat.

He’s attempting to run it through GMod.

If you’re trying to run a gamemode on singleplayer, go to the bottom right hand corner of the screen and there’s a bar with a gamemode name, which by default will probably say either TTT or Sandbox. Click that and you’ll get a list of all the gamemodes you’ve got installed and then you just select the one you want and pick a map. Doesn’t matter what one, it’ll load up in the gamemode you picked.

And if the gamemode you’re trying to run isn’t showing up there, just lemme know and I should be able to tell you what’s wrong.

Hi im doing it via my server now, but it says “Lemons not found” And the gamemode is called lemons.

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It says “Lemons not found” Any idea?

Do you have a Lemons.txt in gamemodes/Lemons/


	"base"		"base"
	"title"		"Lemons"
	"maps"		"^sk_"
	"menusystem"	"1"
	"workshopid"	"15895"

			"name"		"sk_maxfrags"
			"text"		"Max Frags"
			"help"		"The maxiumum number of frags before a map change"
			"type"		"numeric"
			"default"	"20"

			"name"		"sk_grenades"
			"text"		"Allow Grenades"
			"help"		"If enabled ) then grenades are enabled"
			"type"		"checkbox"
			"default"	"1"



Try it without capital letters