Singleplayer doesnt work.

I try to load up just about any map in SP and it loads, but when the loading bar becomes full, it just crashes GMod.

Do you have any addons?

Plenty, and I deleted the addons folder as the first solution that I read up.
The 2nd solution, just delete whats inside the folder and delete the lua, but that didn’t work either.

Have you tried disabling all of your workshop addons? Have you tried verifying?

Verify the cache thing? Done that multiple times. Disabling all my workshop addons just makes me go in plain SP.

But does it work with them disabled?

In plain vanilla Gmod, it did. Everytime I start Gmod, it takes 2 minutes before the addons even load so it acts like plain Gmod

Does anyone have a solution?

my friend have the same problem i dont know really wheres the problem but try to delete the addons folder on the game folder
i mean on X:\Program Files XXXX\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod
and then verify your game files

any make sure to remove all the addons in ur workshop
login with ur steam
then click on Subscribed Items
and click on Unsubscribe for all

But the point is that I want to test the addons, cant SP work with the addons on?!

okay but try to delete it and make a backup before just its a problem in ur addons i think
if you dont want to delete or do what am i said just stay without singleplayer

Yeah, Im waiting till the problem solves.

and how do you will do it?

What do you mean? Im waiting until the problem is fixed so that I can play SP

Chances are that it is a single addon causing the issue, enable your Addons one by one until you find it

the problem will not be solved by himself
anyway i said what am i said i aint give a shit
delete ur addons you will be not able to play in the sp never

Well, that’s gonna be some time.

If anyone has another solution, especially since Ive reinstalled GMod, verified the cache, took away some addons, feel free to say something.

Get out of the steam client beta.


I guess i should say this, but the reason i think thats what the problem is is because its happened to me before, but it crashed on sp and mp. On boot i turned on logging and found that some steam library was effing up.

Im not in beta either.