Singleplayer error

Ok before I got the update on the 10th I think. My props worked fine. But now when I spawn one it vanishes and give this in the console

Entity old Health: 0
Entity new Health: 661
Ent Physics Object Volume: 66062
Ent Physics Object Old Mass: 100
Ent Physics Object New Mass: 331.96154785156
JT<UNKNOWN> spawned vehicle models/spacebuild/chair2.mdl
Infinite angles from vphysics! (entity prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod)
Infinite origin from vphysics! (entity prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod)
Entity old Health: 0

and stuff similer depending what I spawn. I don’t know if that is an error or not but I am getting frustrated that I can’t build in singleplayer. Also sometimes depending on the prop it crashes my game. Poof desktop no error message or anything. Just freezes then shutsdown.

Can anyone help me I really want to play some singleplayer.

What Addons do you have?

adv dupe, base_custom_addon, BHC, catdaemon_stargate, CDS3, css realistic weapons 4.0, Custom Addon Framework, Day-of-defeat, Derma, Dismemberment mod 1.9, DoorSTool, EVEOnline, Fin2, Gcombat08, Gcombat extended, gm_mobenix_v3, gm_mobenix_highquality_Water, gmdm_resources, GS2, hatmaker 2.0, Helicopter vehicle, hl2_ep2, jintopack, jumper, jumppad, Kather, LS3, LS3E, Mckay’s pack, Military, PCMod 2, Petrol, Puddle Jumper, Rails, RD3, Replicator, Reasource Transit, RPG-7, RTS, SBMP, SG-Mod 0.9, Smartsnap, SMP, Sources, spawn icons, ST Teleport, Stacker STool, stargate, stargate extras, stargate_resources, Turret Vehicles, ulib, ulx, vss vintorez, WaterMod, WeightStool, wire, wire extras, wire model pack 1, youtube player. wow I have a lot more mods then I thought

I thought so, its probably Gcombat08 - Gcombat extended try to start gmod without them and play.

Ok I did and the same thing happened. So I am going to try to test it without addons if that doesn’t fix if not I will reinstall the game.
I just tried and it works fine so It must be one of my addons.

Add one addon at a time back to your game. It may be slow but you will find out which one is making your game fuck up.

found it it was resource distribution 3 my friend said I needed the spacebuild 3 addon version to make it work. So I will try that now.

it didn’t fix it any idea I really need the mod to play spacebuild with my friends.

Delete the lua in there and keep the models and materials.