Singleplayer Gamemode

I am trying to learn how to code lua and i have a skeleton gamemode meaning it is a default gamemode nothing really on it. How can i add that to the singleplayer gamesmodes to test stuff out because the only ones atm on mine at TTT and Sandbox and when i went into my gmod files and placed it in Gamemode it didn’t work but doesn’t steampipe make me place it somewhere else? How do i add it?

What folder did you put it in (start from steamapps).

I put it in SteamApps/Common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/gamemodes

And this is the skeleton gamemode i used
Also i am trying to play it on single player so i can test stuff.

I would be very very surprised if something uploaded 2088 days ago still worked without any errors.

Regardless, one of the comments on it is
“This works if you rename info.txt to (your gamemode folder name).txt.”

Give that a try.

So it would be renamed to skeleton.txt correct?

If that’s what you want your gamemode name to be.

It didn’t work. Does anyone else know of a gamemode that is barebones that i can edit to practice lua coding? Also to select the gamemode i press the thing in the bottom right hand corner of the gmod loading screen right?

Post your gamemode.txt in


I found one that works for GMOD 13 here =>
Thanks for your help though <3