Singleplayer 'loading resources' freeze

Anytime I try to play singleplayer, it stops loading at “loading resources” and im forced to ctrl+alt+delete. what do?

Does it happen for one map or all of them?

It happens for all of them, even flatgrass.

Be patient and let it finish loading.

No, it like legit freezes. Should i clean my gmod folder or something?

Remove addons you don’t need.

deleted most of my addons folder. still isnt working. i can run multiplayer like ttt fine, just not singleplayer.

Clean gmod.

addons and maps are the only 2 folders i use. i cleaned both. should i reinstall maybe?

Clean Lua folder, might have some sort of stupid lua virus.

i cleaned half my lua files, deleted the last 10 downloads i got. still no

im getting the same problem someone try to help

Same problem, I can join servers but I can’t start singleplayer or a multiplayer server.

Hopefully your games are creating a crash dump that will provide some more information, please navigate to your steam folder, and locate one of your latest crash dumps.

The directory is normally close to the following:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\dumps

Then upload the dumpt to