Singleplayer menu glitch.

Well basically what’s happening is that when I go onto garrys mod, the single player menu pops up gray with those 2 derma buttons at the bottom, the Play single player, and play Multiplayer buttons, as seen in this screenshot.

Because of this I can’t see whats new in that menu, and I can’t see the toybox tab. I have to run the console command “map gm_construct” or any other map to play singleplayer! I would appreciate is greatly if you could fix this Garry. Oh and by the way, the lua error I get when this pops up is

[@lua\menu\getmaps.lua:68] bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got string)
vgui.Create: Error when calling ‘StartSinglePlayerGame’:Init ([lua\menu\map_favourites.lua:52] attempt to index global ‘g_MapList’ (a nil value))
[lua\menu\singleplayer.lua:103] attempt to index global ‘SinglePlayerMenu’ (a nil value)

Thanks for your time


link us to your steam profile

Umm how?

Open Steam, click Community. You can figure it out from there.