Singleplayer mode?/ How to host private server for my friends for free?

Hello creators of rust and other people,

My question is, is there any possibility to add survival mode or somehow host a server where i could play with my friends without buying a server? Meaning they connect via hamachi because some admins are just d**ks and my friend just got rust and i wanted to help him get started in a private server where im an admin so i coulh explaing everyhting in this game to him because he is kinda a noob when it comes to playing fps games and english. So i am asking if there could be a way to make a server where people could join via hamachi and if there could also be singleplayer!


Nup just multiplayer and ye have to pay thats how the world works man :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea works like everyone cant have some free funn jeez.

Ikr :confused:

If the devs do release the server files for people to download and run their own servers, it’ll be a good while in the future, likely.