Singleplayer Multiplayer anyone?

Im looking for a running gamemode that you can play(RP), that is still just as fun when no one is on. Like there would be quests and simply things todo when your by yourself, basically a gamemode that is run by scripted npcs and just so happens that you can play it along side a friend. Is there such thing?

Radioactive Sandbox has a quests feature which can be played while no other players are present. It’s more fun with people there, of course…

the only problem with most of these gamemodes is that someone will make a really awesome and well thought out gamemode but everyone is too busy playing DarkRP


Ah yes, Underdone is great. Someone should really try to revamp it and fix it up.

Radioactive Sandbox is pretty good (like twoski said). Other than that you’d probably have to look for some RPG gamemodes.

Yea, I think “=BLUE=:. The” fixed it.
This one works fine for me, no bugs.