Singleplayer Option for Rust

I don’t know about other people. But I love this Game I love it a lot. However… After a long day of being killed by kids screaming at me I would like a nice quiet single player to go back to. Maybe more enemies. A little bit harder gameplay. Just something not full of… trolls. I have met tons of nice people who usually help but the trolls… Wow! Not to mention building a house on top of nodes. That should be fixed or not allowable.

There is a single player option. Rent your own server. Set the limit to 1 player. Start server when you are ready to play and log on to it. When done stop your server. Rust - Single player mode.

Rust is only good multiplayer ?!?!

Is this a serious question? o.o

Rust is a PVP game. Either get used to competition or play something more akin to Minecraft.

Is this a serious tattoo?

Apparently no one sees the easy way, instead of bitching about it let the fucking option be added in and YOU don’t have to USE SAID option, seriously guys if you don’t like it at least LET it be added in for the sake of THOSE that want to use it, as I said you do NOT have to play with the option, no one understands this concept.

You clearly don’t understand that’s called being catered to. And to answer this… No. Rust is fine the way it is. As the poster above said… Set server limit to 1, stop server when done.


Don’t be so pedantic and stimulate entitlement because your thoughts are asserting your position of wanting a single player game. It was designed multiplayer, it is multiplayer. Get use to it or play something else.

This is advertised as a MMO and that is what you bought. There is no point to a single player and no incentive for the Devs to create one just for a few who can’t handle getting beaten with a rock from time to time.

It’s not catering it’s called being logical, anyone who has half a brain won’t use the feature, simple look at the guys who like PvP they DON’T play on PvE servers, that’s called a CHOICE something that everyone needs without having to pay money that not everyone has. Matter of fact you should be remotely lucky that this isn’t the other way around, where its single player but everyone wants it to be multi-player instead.

Yes, let me be lucky because the devs had a vision for multiplayer instead of single player… there’s nothing logical about your argument.

You’ve got no theory to base this being logic. The fact is they made it as a multiplayer because they wanted a game that invoked multiple people running around with choices to slaughter each other, or work together, etc.

While choice may be a factor in playing single player or multiplayer… there’s no logic behind that considering single player doesn’t exist and will not.

Get over it.

I don’t care whether I die in a virtual world, I rarely play I only go on now and then to check up on the server I’m an admin on, but I’m sick and tired of everyone bitching about a feature, let the developers decide NOT the player base behind it.

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It’s an alpha, and I don’t see you developing the game thus for no one should have a substantial effect on the games development apart from suggestions and bug reports.

Edit: Things will change, who knows maybe the team will ADD said single player feature for those that want it, and I guarantee you there’s going to be few people playing it nor will it affect anything in multi-player.

What don’t you get? They have said themselves they don’t want to make it single player. Again, get over it.

Your argument is trumped. Quit trying.