Singleplayer Time


Is there anyway to change day to night and summer to winter in singleplayer? It’s boring to play singleplayer in the same conditions as always.


These things are set by map, as I recall there is a way to change the skybox or adjust settings to make it appear night but the reality is if the map isn’t themed as night your not gunna be able to do it without script or settings.

Im sure someone will come along and be of better help

Okay. Well i need these scripts to evocity_v4b1

Wethermod works on most maps

Atmos is a good day and night cycle that worked on a lot of maps last time I checked.

I use my modified version of atmos that I am using on our CityRP server on evocity_v4b1 and its beautiful.
Send me a message if you want my version.