Singularity Models

I need these Singularity models because they look great for posing. :slight_smile:

Anyone would like to rip some models, please? :smiley:


Explicit images are present

Main Characters and Monsters

More looks at the Zeks and Mutants

The Russian Soldiers

**And the Almighty



All of these WILL be appreciated!

Actually nubblecakes already had some luck converting some of the Singularity weapons, and he mentioned somewhere in another thread that he managed to convert some of the characters as well:

I’d love to have the Centurion revolver turned into a magnum replacement in normal Half-Life 2.


Surely if it is a UT engine game they wont need rigging, just need some joint constrains (as they extract rigged). I would check but I don’t have this game.

Thanks for the link to the weapons eviltwin, sucks that there are no models yet though :frowning:

Oh, I thought that in a thread somewhere you said something about having converted young Barisov or something. Must have been my imagination.

Also, even if you can’t rig a character model, are you able to extract the model and its texture?

What tools do you use to extract the Singularity files? I’d love to be able to get at the sounds and textures and models.

UModel for the models and textures, i’ve not yet found anything that extracts sound files from .upk files however.

How is it possible that you can misread “Exorade” as “nubblecakes”?

Learn how to read quotes, if you say something and I reply to it by quoting something that someone else says that doesn’t make me that other person.

So you just want those 3 main character?

That sounds like they want everything to me ~.~

Noooo so much work D:

Very @.@

Don’t worry, just those three characters, the soldier and the 2 mutants are all I want :stuck_out_tongue:

Where is the character that you are playing in the game

I never actually recall seeing tha player character.

Spoiler in this post

Well, you see yourself at the beginning when you are saving Demichev, you see a guy through the wall (Which is your future self) yelling “RAICO, DON’T LET DEMI”-then dies by a burning wall falling on him.

You also see yourself when you are doing the good ending, where you have to go back to the past, and kill your past self to save the future.

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Lol, I hope you get enough space :stuck_out_tongue:

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