Singularity revolver ("Centurion") made into usable HL2 weapon

A while back Hellsing4682 was able to turn some weapons from the game Singularity into source models, but they were just for posing, not usable.

It would be great if someone could make any of these weapons into actual usable weapons.

In particular the Centurion revolver would be an ideal replacement for Half-Life 2’s .357 magnum. I’d love to be able to stick it into ordinary HL2/Episode One/Episode Two and have it replace the magnum.

This is actually a neat idea.

I’ll get right on it in a few hours.

I’d really love to see the Seeker, too. I’m pretty sure a while back I saw something that did the follow and move the bullet effect.

The Deathex (sp?) Launcher would be very unique for a weapon, too.

Oh wow, thank you so much. :smiley:

I would have said “awesome” but I feel that word gets over-used. :wink:

It was originally nubblecakes that ported the models and textures (as props rather than usable weapons), but he had problems with some of the weapons, like the spikeshot and assault rifle. Since then “UE Viewer” has been updated and apaprently has full compatability for Singularity models: it’s listed in green and says YES for all categories on the UE viewer page: and the readme file mentions “implemented Singularity StaticMesh support” back in February this year. Indeed here’s a forum page where someone is trying to extract the assault rifle textures, and eventually he succeeds, and that’s exactly one of the things that nubblecakes had trouble with. So if anybody’s interested, it should now be possible to get any Singularity or character ported. Would be great if someone was able to port the assault rifle and spikeshot.

Just a little progress report:

Still havin’ some texture and anim problems though, don’t expect a fast release.

that is looking very nice right now!

Yeah, it’s already looking OK. Thanks so much for working on this for me at Christmas! :smiley: Take as long as you need.

The fact that most of the gun looks a dark colour (except for the tube on the left side), is that the texture problem you mentioned? (Because the whole gun is supposed to be silver.) Or is that just a shadow from where you happened to be standing?

Actually, I’m using the textures that came with the original pack you supplied. The main issue I’m talking about is that that texture has shells in the chamber, and I need to edit those out (I’m just having a bit of difficulty when converting it to a vtf).

Yeah I just realised the Centurion textures in the pack are indeed quite dark.It seems that in the original Singularity game the gun was incredibly shiny, so it was just the light being reflected off it that made it more silverish.

Anyway, I can always worry about that sort of stuff later. Would probably take loads of work messing with phong effects to make it that shiny without looking plastic… I might just end up brightening some parts of the texture 20% or something.

The main thing is the model, the distinctive combination of modern parts and classic revolver parts and the mysterious sci-fi tube on the side. I love that design.

Aaah, the shells in the chamber, yeah I see. I’ve done some VTF editing before, and I’m sure I could replace the shell texture part with black circles, but I’m not sure that would have the desired effect!

When you are eventually at the point of release, it would be great if you made two versions, one with the model named Centurion (for use in gmod etc) and one with the model named the same as the standard 357 magnum so I can use it as a straight replacement when playing ordinary HL2 and mods and stuff.

I’ve already replaced them with black areas, it’s just when re-saving the image it apparently loses its transparency. I’ll find a way around it.

As for separate models, I currently got it as a magnum replacement, but recompiling it as something else would be really easy.

Oh that’s great - yeah in fact the magnum replacement is primarily what I want.

I just figured this being a Garry’s Mod forum, that chances are other people would like to spawn it in garry’s mod without replacing the normal magnum. :slight_smile: So a version with a different model name would mainly be for other people’s benefit.

Do you have the sounds for it right now as well? If not, I could try to get my hands on them

I don’t actually, that would be awesome if you could get 'em.

Might be tough though, googling hasn’t found much on how to open the files.

I’ll keep searching though.

A few posts ago I linked to a thing which is for extracting models and textures from unreal 3 engine games, got recently updated to fully support Singularity, and I saw there somewhere something about it being updated with something for extracting sounds from unreal 3 engine games too. And if that doesn’t work, I suppose could try playing the game, turning music volume to zero, and recording sounds while shooting!

I’m not that fussed about the sounds… a common criticism of Singularity is that the guns sound a bit weak. Normal HL2 magnum sound combined with Singularity pistol model is probably an improvement.

Oh, I didn’t know this was an Unreal game (I don’t own it). I’ve been able to extract sounds from A.V.A. so someone else shouldn’t have that hard a time with it.

On the subject of you not owning Singularity… I had planned on buying you Singularity on Steam as a thank you for doing the Centurion.

(Or if you had already owned Singularity, I’d have given you Wolfenstein which isn’t quite as good but is sort of like a Singularity prototype.)

So yeah, I’m not fussed about whether sounds are ported or not, but I’m happy to spread the Singularity love.

A video of some Singularity gameplay, in one of the 1955 sections of the game. The first minute of the video shows the Centurion in action. The guy playing it is German but thankfully he’s got the English/US version, full of lovely dismemberment/limb exploding action.