Singularity Weapons

After finishing Singularity I decided to try and port the weapons seeing as it runs on Unreal Engine 3 and porting from UE3 games is relatively easy.

I’m having serious issues extracting from the archives using Umodel. I can’t extract any static meshes so I extracted the skeletal meshes instead (the view models). So these are the view models compiled as world models. The machine gun archive did not have a skeletal mesh in it so it will not be available unless someone can rip it or make Umodel work right.

On top of that, I cannot extract every texture, even though I renamed the .TFC archive to match the name the UPKs refer to. I get an error like this in the dialog box:

Reading w_ar_gatling_ammo_chain_d mip level 1 (128x512) from textures_P0.tfc
******** wp_SP_ARGattlingGun_SF.upk:  Texture2D'w_ar_gatling_ammo_chain_d' ********
*** ERROR: assertion failed: Block->UncompressedSize <= Size

appReadCompressedChunk <- FByteBulkData::SerializeChunk <- UTexture2D::LoadBulkTexture:Fil

Texmod won’t work with Singularity (game crashes if I try to load a level), so I can’t rip them. 3D Ripper DX does not work with Singularity either (for me at least).

Anyway, so far I have the Centurion (revolver) and the Volk-S4 (shotgun) fully working with phong shading and all that mess. Here are some pictures (Model Viewer):

More to come real soon. Keep an eye on this.


Completed SNV-E99 (sniper), Seeker, and Dethex Launcher (Grenade Launcher):

Shitty pose and shooped image by me:


This is far as I can go for the weapons. The issues I’m having with Umodel will not let me extract specific textures for the Autocannon, the Rocket Launcher, and the Spike Shot, therefore I cannot complete the texturing of those weapons. I also can’t find the skeletal mesh of the AR-9 Valkyrie (assault rifle), so for the time being, these weapons are unavailable until someone figures out how to get the needed resources.


** <- Install First! <- Install Second!

Standard addon format, has a spawnlist (that hopefully works properly). Let me know if I fucked up any of the files and something is missing.


**- **Do not ask me to rig characters. I DO NOT HAVE THE SKILLS TO RIG CHARACTER MODELS!

  • You may reupload to or redistribute as long as you credit Raven Software for the original content and me for porting it.

  • If any mod wants to, please move this thread to the Releases section.


Looks epic so far.
Can’t wait to hear some more reviews though.

They’re so awsome! Can’t wait for more.

sweet :banjo:

holy fucking shit

Hey if someone could run Gmod and spawn these real quick and compare them to a HL2 character, that’d be great. I had no time to test them out so I don’t know if their scale is correct for Source. I didn’t scale them up or down after importing them in to Max so they might be a little off as far as I know.

There’s small bug when spawning :

prop_physics ‘models/nub/singularity/weapons/dethex.mdl’ has a base specified as ‘weapon.small’, but there is no matching entry in propdata.txt.
gamemodes\sandbox\gamemode\commands.lua:116: Tried to use invalid object (type IPhysicsObject) (Object was NULL or not of the right type)

Ah I see. I’ll fix that right away.

EDIT: Here’s the fix:

Added to OP.

Nice weapons so far, as to this

Try grabbing the weapon textures for those with texmod. Allows the grabbing of dx9 app textures on the fly, and can filter for stuff that’s being used at the moment

As I stated in my original post, Texmod makes Singularity crash. Same with 3D Ripper DX.



I’ll have this fixed soon. Sorry for failing.

Ed, Edd, and Edit:

They look cool.

Make sure you download this fix before using them:

That should correct the scaling issues, and HOPEFULLY fix the spawn icon for the svn-e99 sniper.

Ooh. Singularity weapons. This is my favorite game of 2010 right now.

But anyone have the low sound and texture problems?

Anyway, can you port ragdolls? Even maybe some of those stupid acid-spitting creatures.

OMG i love you lol i will be making this with hands and custom animation soon

I didn’t buy Singularity yesterday so you lost all attention :doh:

I got Barisov, Katya, and a couple of Spetsnaz on hold. I can’t rig them but someone has offered to assist me in such a thing. He’s currently working on Barisov (1950s version) as we speak. I’m gonna make a new thread in the Releases section when he gives me the finished product, that way this will probably get more attention.


If I could find out where the animation sets and the arm model were located then I wouldn’t need you to but alas I’ve given up on trying to. The file system is just so FUBAR that I don’t even what to try get every texture.

I managed to find the skeletal mesh for the Valkyrie assault rifle but I still cannot get the textures, so it’s useless. Still can’t get the textures for the Autocannon, Rocket Launcher, or Spike Shot either.

In other words, these upcoming character models will be the last thing I do for Singularity. After that I will focus on stuff from Borderlands. Already got Lilith in Max, all textured up. <3

Not even the Seeker? Can you try to get that?

We can make a Seeker SWEP because we can make the bullettime effect also:

(sorry i dont know how to post yt links properly)

Uh I did port the seeker, have you no eyes?

I won’t be animating or rigging any of these guns though, so if you want to make a swep you’ll have to do all that yourself. Feel free to do whatever with these models though. That swep looked pretty sick, but it needs a better bullet model and it needs to slow down time of course. Oh and it’s gotta ASSPLODE! The seeker was like that, and moving it around was more difficult. There was a lot of drag when trying to turn the bullet.

I’m going to be making a big release thread for everything I’m working on. I’m having a couple of guys help me rig characters from Borderlands and Singularity, so once I get those in to an addon format then I’ll be uploading them and creating a new release thread.

PS: For youtube links you put the [media] tag around the video url.

Do you do requests?
If so, can you port the Mirror’s Edge Remington 870 MCS?
The link you had posted last time doesn’t work.

OH wow, how did I not stumble across this gem?

Ace work man! Hey, do you think you could try (if you own it) to port the weapons from Wolfenstein 2009? It runs on Unreal 3 too, I believe.