Sinking and bouncing props

I got this problem, it started today.

After a normal restart (changing map), all the props that people spawned started bumping and rolling around. There even was a door walking on itsself.

Here is a video;

And dont tell me its because the map, it was gm_construct :3

I have had this problem too, but i can’t remember the fix :C


Ill see if i can find it.

That is a glitch with source(I think),just restart the server,works for my friend(he owns a server).
EDIT:It could be the prop protection mod you have,my friend downgraded to a simple prop protection mod and it stopped doing that.

An EntityShouldCollide hook gone bad. Try removing some addons.

Ah, i found out how.

After i deinstalled FFP it worked again.

Thanks anyway!