Sins Of A Solar Empire Ship Models

After searching around for almost a week, coming across dead links again and again and again, scripts that no longer work, programs that crash on startup, etc. I’ve given up.
There are files that have disappeared from the internet, tutorials that no longer work with modern OS and updated software, and I’ve had enough. I know other people have managed to do it, but I can’t.
Please, please would somebody port the ship models from SoaSE to a usable format.
In truth, all I’m trying to do is port the ships to an .obj format so I can use a program called SMEDIT to port the ships into a game called Starmade, a Voxel based game. From there, I intend to clean the ships up, give them a paintjob, systems etc.
I can also take parts from those ships and use them on custom designs, but without the files in a usable format, I feel I’m at an absolute dead end.