"Sir, civilian personnel appears to be hostile!" - Soldiers holding a position.


Compare it to the original here.

*Posing : 50 minutes + 5 minutes searching a good angle
Editing (ingame) : 1 minute
Editing (Photoshop) : 2 hours 30 minutes
PSD file : Zombies

I’m stopping rain pictures for now, I think I improved enough in this point. Now it’s time to practice my shading… volumetric shadows, volumetric lightning, rim lightning, shadowing, sex…*

No really, compare it to the original HERE.

Very good with the blood.

The muzzle flash looks weird to me, but the gore is nice.

Yeah looks weird to me too, just can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. :frowning:

Wow, I really like It, wish I could pose good :frowning:

Jesus guys, need moar comments. :frowning:

Quite good rimlight, the muzzleflash should emit more light and the isolation is blurry. There is also something weird about the angle, but i cannot put my finger on it.

You are still getting better and better. Gw.

It’s funny cos… he got his blood on the “give blood” sign. Heh. Get it?

Anyways, picture is okay. The muzzleflash is really overly sharp considering the rest of the picture is pretty blurry.