Sir, did you order the chicken? Nope, but the dog did.

Somewhere in a hipster underground coffee shop in Oregon …

I don’t think that that fishermen would be caught dead anywhere in a hipster coffee shop. I don’t think they’d serve chicken, either.

At any rate, very nice pose. Love the posing on the fishermen.

Good stuff. Where did the scarf model come from?

Oregon is on the west coast, so you would have fishermen stop by at a food place.

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I honestly don’t know. On my spawn menu it’s under "baby -> there are three sub folders, one of them is also “baby” and another one is “scarf,” which includes that scarf. These scarves are so hard to pose though, it’s like posing a character by holding his/her head.

I was gonna be all OMG BF4 LENS FLARE WHY, but the build and lighting is too awesome, so I’ll just grunt approvingly. (Masking on the hair doesn’t fit the lightning range though, kind of sticks out bad)

Haha, Lara quit her former job to become a hipster and start a coffee shop? :v:

I dig this, looks more English pub lunch then Oregon imo

The scarf is from one of the packs in the Useful Scenebuild thread.