"Sir, I don't think backup is coming..."

“Sir, I don’t think backup is coming…”




Ragdoll - CoD4 pack
Weapon - Larry’s Ultimate Weapon Pack
Map - rp_salvation
Editor - GIMP 2.6

This was my first attempt at making a screen shot thing.

The explosion has an edge at the top.

What he said.
The jet looks pasted in.

Oh dear, it does.
The jet was pasted in… I need to motion blur it.

Why not just use one in Gmod?

Anyways, posing looks nice. And what map did you use for this?

Looks like rp_salvation.

I didn’t notice the faults at first with the added-in explosion and plane until I looked at the comments; I thought it was good the first look, except for how unfitting the soldier looks for some reason. Looking at it now, though, the whole thing seems weird now.

Great try, though. Just work abit on effects pasting if you’re not a ‘scratch’ type.

It’s because of the fact my faceposer doesn’t like working.
I would add a worried look or something if it did. And he was going to be a back ground character while another soldier spoke to a commander guy with a nice hat, but my faceposer wouldn’t work and I thourght it looked crap with two guys looking at eachother like they are about to have a romantic pull.

Did you blur out your alias?

Also the way to get rid of the line is not to blur the shit out of it. But to smudge the line.

looks boring.

Shoudn`t that russian have a ak-74 or something?

Your the only guy who seems to have noticed hes russian.
And, the AK47s look odd when I posed it with him, so I’m going to use a tactical one with a black stock next time.