"Sir, I think we have a problem!"

… yells the offscreen policeman while he is on the phone with some random army general something.

Comes with some awesome isolation errors, bad texturing, generic glowing eyes, and low anti-aliasing!



Just a quickie… kinda. I made this on my laptop, so hardware and visual quality is limited. My hard drive on my desktop is finally failing (had it for 6 or 7 years.) I barely had enough time to copy some Gmod content over before it froze for the n’th time. I’ll need to invest in a new hard drive if I want to continue on my desktop.

I can’t do much on this laptop, so I started posing out of boredom. Fortunately the laptop has a higher resolution (1080p yay!) so I can post much bigger image sizes.

“What the FUCK is that?”

Loving the angle

Yes they do have a problem. And yes, awesome angle.

That poor man. Blocked by an elbow


Otherwise, well done!

Is that a Deathclaw? Are you fucking holding out on us?!

The picture doesn’t load for me.

not only a deathclaw, but a giant blue one

also birds of prey own, your avatar owns

What do you mean?

Haha thanks. :smile:

I meant the Deathclaw ragdoll. Where’d you get it?