"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."



Cool picture. It’s nice to see you put more effort in and focus on smaller details. It’s not perfect but it’s very nice.

Zombie plz go


Dunno what you’re talking about :v:

Thanks man. And hey, nothing is perfect. But with a little bit of more practice, I might just break that barrier. :3:

The only thing I see wrong with this is, why would the officer tell someone who is all covered in blood, to leave?

Other than that it looks really nice :v:

ur right they should invite him 4 tea and crumpets

he is disturbing the office-goers

therefore Security officials must advise him to leave so he stops disturbing them

That zombie looks sad, I guess he wants to stay.

exellent texturing on the zombie

All he wants to do is to eat their brains

Maybe he’s an injured homeless guy? The officer doesn’t know.

“Sir it looks like you a have a piece of flesh in your mouth?”

Uhh… yeaaa… She gave it to me!

This reminds me of that Stephen King short story “Lunch at the Gotham Cafe” for some reason.

That’s one dumb ass cop for not noticing the glowing eyes and bloody suit, Hint hint its a zombie! :v:

I’m afraid im going to have to ask you to leave the store.

Don’t blame the Security. For all you know the guy has a strange case of glacouma(?), and a messy work habit.

Lol Good Point

Poor guy just was going to work :frowning:

Yeesh, everyone goes and forces Mr. Zombie to leave because it’s after work and he’s not doing overtime. He’s the fucking regional manager, cut him some slack!