Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller


At the risk of sounding like a total man-child, I’d like to address what this is for.

Through volunteer work I am a co-administrator of a Thomas the Train forum for kids with Asperger’s and Autism. It’s easy volunteer work, and not very rewarding – until I was asked to help make a movie for the kids on the site. Apparently the Thomas show has changed from static faces to computer and kids with the disorder are frustrated at the change. I wrote a script with the admin who runs the site and am going to be directing the trains in some computer program called Trainz. I’d very much like to use Sir Topham Hatt character, animating him in Faceposer, then GMod in front of a greenscreen to interact with the engines, like this clip I made using Breen and one of the locomotives:

It’s the most creative project I’ve had in a long time, so I’m really trying to make it awesome.

If you’re up for it, I’d really like some help with making this guy. I figure Father Gregori would be the best character model to use as a base, as this guy is sort of chubby and short:!8.jpg

Black top hat (gentleman’s pack?) black jacket, yellow vest, grey trousers, white and black shoes.

Very easy, very flat texture work, but I’d rather it be in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing. :slight_smile:

Would anyone be up for the challenge?

You don’t sound like a man-child for requesting this, every one loves Thomas. I support this thread.

Holy fuck, I nostalgia’d.
Someone do this.
[sp]Even though I won’t use it.[/sp]

I didn’t nostalgia. However, I never watched Thomas.
I support this, as well, though.

As long as it’s faceposeable…
I will be happy.
That is if I ever get out of this nostalgia coma I’m about to go into…
falls over

They did what now?

Great, now I’m 'sperging out too, why do people have to change shit all the time when it doesn’t need changing argh :argh:

Do they sill call him by his name Sir Topham Hatt in the show or are they now just saying “The Fat Controller” now?

I think over here in the 'States they still call him Topham Hatt. The kids from the UK on the forum always refer to him as Fat Controller. I wasn’t sure which one to write down as my subject – it seems that (depending on which side of the Atlantic you grew up on) he was one or the other.

They referred to him as both in the UK when I lived there, but he was generally known as ‘the Fat Controller’, at least until political correctness reared its ugly, hypocritical head. Dunno if they’re just calling him that because my fellow spergin bros also consider PC to be the worst idea in the last half-century or if it’s because Thomas the Tank Engine is the one thing the UK PC police haven’t clamped down on yet.

Nostalgia. I support this.

I know, right?

Cheers all, thanks for the support.

Although there is no rush on this, is there anything I can do to interest a modelmaker to go forward with this?

i remember when it was still models and model trains that didn’t move their mouths.

Indeed. I also remember the episode with the engines saying “Coughs and sneezles spread diseasels” with relation to Diesel who was stealing the jobs.

Why did they even edit the voices in the American version anyway, it’s not like they were another language.

america: we don’t want our kids speaking with some funny accents, hurr durp durr

Do a player model! This is your specialty :v:

I always got a kick from the fact that the original narrator was Ringo Starr. Then, of all people, George Carlin.

I have a full box full of trains from this show, and some figurines too of Topham and a conductor (I think)

Sometimes when I listen to a beatles song that he sings I say “said thomas” after every line