Sir, we got him!


Compare to the original
More screenshots by me:

Good good good.

me likey

Cool scenebuild and good screenshot.

that’s pretty sweet, although the sniper doesn’t seems to hold the grip. Also wrong use of the models, you should have used models wearing marpat,woodland or the cadpat camouflage.

Pretty awesome. Good work.

Using just few props but you made nice dramatic screenshot.

Nice scene ! :slight_smile:

You did good job.

Yea I was a bit lazy to search for good woodland camo models.
As for the grip: Ever heard of bipod legs?

millitary fags

Awesome! I love how intense it looks so far.
I don’t know why, but I laughed at the comparison between the up-close shot and the actual set-up. It’s all serious like they’re sneaking around, and then you zoom out and see two grown men in a few bushels of grass. XD

Very nice!

Damn nice! But why there is a white line between his lips?

it’s phong shading

That is Dope!

Veeery badass, I like how the image flows together like a scene from a movie. Now where did you get those awesome ragdolls?

“This is best hiding spot in whole forest!”
No faceposing, eyeposing and poor fingerposing.

Just friggin’ great, man.