"Sir, we have shitty colour correction in-coming! OH GOD, IT KEEPS COMING"





Dat flash.

I like yo muzzleflash
(happy birthday :toot:)

Nice muzzleflash.

For a moment I thought it was a gun in front of him (being used by another person) with a weird perspective.

The muzzleflash is huge but smexy, love the color fuckery aswell.

Stupid uppix. Use imageshack, you piece of dumb.

imageshack is a horrible piece of shit

I agree, and Faraon should feel ashamed of himself.

Uppix is fast and reliable, imageshack is an ugly stack of smelly shit that loads pictures at an incredible slow rate. Your opinion is shit.
In some cases Uppix doesn’t work (Koreans) and the only good host I could find to replace it was dropbox, definitly not imageshack.

imageshack compresses the shit out of things too.

faraon, does uppix not work in russia or something?

I have no troubles with a speed of loading on imageshack. And uppix deletes pics after a few time. Imageshack hosts them forever.
rossum, yes, I can see the pics hosted on uppix only using proxy server.

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Dropbox doesn’t work for me too.

Excuse me? Pictures I uploaded on uppix like 3 years ago are still there. On the other hand, my old and shit CSS pictures I wanted to get back for nostalgia’s sake are missing, imageshack having decided to remove them.

free imageshack membership. next step up from that is dropbox and only in space and ease of use.

none of my pics ever get compressed or altered in any way and they are all cataloged and organized in folders. on imageshack.

or dont, i couldnt care less really, just need to correct this disinfo everybody spews about imageshack on reflex

Okay, you won. Use uppix, I don’t care about your generic effortless shit.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - Benji))


Alright, just keep uploading your shit bloom raped, not isolated shading and random TF2 posings on imageshack so I can be spared the horror of actually seeing them.

I use tinypic because I’m a mother fucking renegade. So to speak.

my god the thread title is right