''Sir, we have to evacuate the area!''

  • ‘‘N’ah, the president likes it here!’’

  • Test of my perskin.


Working phone inside a safehouse or something like that, which prolly is underground?

He’s watching Porn videos he’s got in it.

I love the “I don’t give a shit” face.

“Sir, we really need to get out of here!”
“Yo did you guys see this new app I got?”

This is a realistic portrayal of any time the military (shut up, I know the models are riot cops) have to deal with civilians.


He’s trying to run a business.

how the FUCK did i even read that as “Sir, we have to evacuate the sphincter”

Uhm… Maybe it’s time to get glasses then, lol.

i’m wearing them

probably a Freudian slip on my own mind.

i need to shit badly but someone is using the restroom :smith:

Well, then you should talk to the guy who made them and then get a new pair of glasses.

Just kiddin’.