Sir we need to talk

Sir !!! I am A Gay And I Like Mason !!

“i love you, sir”

That’s one crowded room.

Also, the hands on the models are HIDEOUS. :saddowns:

nixon just standardly checking out the copy paper stockpiles. not arsed.

"Sir, we need to talk. I’ve done some serveys… the entire pentagon seems to be…

in the closet."

i also like the floating mp in the background

How fitting.

uurrgh I think I gagged when I saw Hudson’s hands!

i just realized that the whole premise of this picture is hilarious. why are they all in the stationary supplies room? it doesn’t make any sense.

LOL !!!..

Yeah they’re in the supply room, and they all seem extremely interested in the paper products scattered around as well. It’s legitimately funny.

Ah, just noticed the jumbo toilet rolls bespoke-made for Jennifer Lopez at the back there.