Sir,we've found hostage . . . and bomb.

Sick bastard shot the hostage?

Yeah,and scattered money all over the room

Sir, we’ve found hostage…bomb…and my money.

Sir, the hostage shot himself,but not before setting a bomb and scattering money around

The money was obviously holding the hostage hostage

Epic pose.

thanks :3

I coulda sworn the hostage was holding the bomb’s money hostage, but the bomb pulled up 4chan on his laptop, causing the hostage to shoot himself. Then the bomb deactivated, but the soldiers don’t know that yet. Just a theory.

Needs work. At least you tried

I’ll do better next time :3


just take your time and practice doesn’t hurt. I look forward to your future submissions

This is actually a really cool idea,you just need to rethink about your posing and stuff but its good.