Sir we've located our target. . .something got to him before we did.

Not much to say, as you basically posed some guys and blurred out the body. The posing and editing are nice though, and I can’t say it’s bad, I just can’t say it’s amazing. Overall, good job. I like the camera angle, it’s nice.

Thanks, I’m still trying so hard to make it so it’s blury, yet clearly visible. P.S. What editing?

Yeah, I was about to say that too :v:

Background is bland but the angle and composition are alright. Posing isn’t bad but could be better.

I wasn’t expecting the models to fall to the floor when I touched them, they are very touchy…or in this case non touchy. I’m going to need lots of practice with them.

The “Ingame editing.”

All I did was Depth of Field.

Yes, it was well done. It’s not a blurry mess.

Oh, thank you.

The angle leaves a lot of wasted space above. The rest is fine, your posing is definitely improving.

This reminds me of a Hidden source moment finding your bff on the ground dead.