Siren Blood Curse model port

If anybody has the time, I’d like someone to port the models from the game Siren Blood Curse

I need the models for posing. Anybody who could port the models of the Shibito and the survivors will be rewarded with 2 25% off Pixel Piracy coupons, a Left 4 Dead 2 profile background, and an eSports2013 Winter Case. Okay so maybe that’s not too big of a reward, but if you can manage to do it within the next 2 months, I’ll throw in a Genuine Companion Cube Pin. Help is appreciated.

Wrong section, visit the modeling section.

If you aren’t a developer or you aren’t looking to hire a developer, you are in the wrong section

OMG, he really offered 43 cents on scrap items?

I don’t know why everyone is more concerned on market value rather than how it looks/% discount. Regardless, Putting this thread into Modelling.