Site for suggestions?

Can we get something similar and official for S&box… Maybe in the future? I think this would help organize recurring requests and suggestions. But there is one drawback, It can turn into a shit pit.

We have the ability to vote here, wouldn’t be surprised if the Rust feedback page you linked got moved here instead so don’t count on it.


Good idea. "S&Box Feedback created."
Developers: "Is this thing exist?
(This is just a joke.)


An involuntary idea appeared…
Can this site create a fixed official topic with selected user suggestions?

But what a lot of advantages.

  1. The user, before offering something to the game, will review this topic. If this topic does not have his idea, then he will create a new one.
  2. Users will see the concepts for the future of the game.
  3. Users will immediately see that their ideas are appreciated and they will be implemented in the future.
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