Site is offline ?

WTF ? Help
Site is offline ?
Only i have this ?

They’re updating.

Everyone can see this error.

How long will introduce a new patch?

I just got avast alert from the /play site, trojan it said. Got scared that site got hacked D:

Glad that its just updating :slight_smile:

How long is a piece of string?

Click this @playrust twitter link at the bottom of the Play Rust page…

Then, read…

The more you know!


Bro, i have Avast error too :expressionless:

Everyone, It is going to come back on. “You will have to survive without it”

They changed the message a little, maybe getting closer? (not sure why I am posting this, since you can see it yourself)

That’s just Avast, it’s pretty shitty and flags everything as a virus. I ignore most of the things that it flags.

What did it say before?

Who is this pat and what is the most efficient path from my fist to his face?

-snip because I am dumb and forgot who Pat was-

Other people posted a picture of it before.

Facepunchstudios developer - travel to Walsall, England and try to find him. Although I have no idea if he works at the office. Punching Garry would suffice if Pat isn’t there.