Sitting in a bunker, here behind my Wall...

If you don’t know what inspired this, you are an uncultured philistine and you need to quit listening to whatever trash you listen to and discover real music.

I was listening to The Wall and it struck me how well this line from Waiting For The Worms (and its theme in general) fits Breen right before Freeman reaches the Citadel.

Yeah, it’s a shitty edit. I wanted to get it done before I lost the will to finish it, and I apologise for its shittiness. Please do, however, point out the various things wrong with it so next time I rush an edit I can at least make it look half decent.

Breens dead.

Really nice actually. I like how you did the rimlightning, but the lightning on the combine should be blurred since he’s blurry himself. Same for the clock’s rimlight.

I was listening to that song before I clicked on this thread.

It all looks nice, but I think that the rim-lighting could improve.

What’s up with his arm?

I really really really love that comic style editing, if it was intended, then it’s brilliant.

Tone down the rim lighthing… a lot. Oh and fix Breen’s hands.

What’s wrong with his hands, aside from the fucked lighting?

The (very poor) rim lighting was basically thrown in as an afterthought, because the picture looked really bland. I know I overdid it and in this case it probably wasn’t even appropriate. Rim lighting is something I use extremely rarely and chances are I won’t be using it again for a long time.

Superb Sir Superb!

The rim-lighting is a bit harsh, but otherwise pretty darn good.

I would like the rimlighting if it was more applied to the objects

it’s a nice style

really really really good looking

I like the rim lighting alot, just the rim lighting color doesn’t match the outside light, more orange, red, and yell mixed, so basicly more sunny. Combine lighting need to be blurred awesome posing.

Can’t see the picture.

I listen to Rammstein, which is far from trash :colbert:
The combine needs to be backlit, instead of the side.

Me too, but I have to say that anyone who doesn’t like Floyd has mental issues regardless of what else they listen to :colbert:

Thanks for the reminder about lighting direction, that’s one of my biggest problems. I always light shit wrong or inconsistently for some reason :expressionless:

The pose of the Combine kinda looks like he’s about to spatter Breens brains all over his desk to me for some odd reason.
Awesome though.

is breen chewing them fingernails?

He’s about a tenth of an inch from it. Close enough!

The guard is getting kinda edgy seeing Breen’s resignation and knowing that if the entire might of the Combine have thus far failed to stop Freeman, there’s every chance he’ll get in and fuck shit up proper (as he does). He might be a lobotomised slave with no free will or real emotions left, but he knows when the odds are stacked against him and his puppet-dictator charge.