"Sitting On a Steel Beam"

The first one is a parody. Constructive criticism please. :regd08:


-I’ve redone some of them. How are they now?


Well, the first two pictures were nice and all, but I think that you had too much effects on them.
3rd is meh. Boring. Lots of space.

Last 2 are just raped.
Espically the last one, I can see your FPS and all.

What about giving the good editing? You know, in-game editing isn’t the best idea. You should get something like GIMP, Photoshop to work it out.

Also, are those NPCS at the 4th picture? They’re floating and shooting at water. On Gm_construct, which is totally not the best choice to map.

First is the only good one imo.

Edited the last one for you, .bmp for better quality:



The first pic is nice.

Sweet Jesus!

the first one is good,the rest is just plain bad

The first was nice, but the rest were boring and you raped them too much with effects

doughnut use colormod

What about them makes them bad?

So if the first one is good then what is good about it. Please explain more, what makes it better than the other 4?

Because it doesn’t look like complete garbage?