six rust to give

I have six key to in exchange of sexy of young boys or girls (over 18 yo). PM me.

(User was permabanned for this post ("gimmick" - postal))


I forgot i want pictures

Here’s a fine young soul. Around 24 years old by now.


people still will pm him and ask for keys

Here’s a hamster

wait til the nsa gets a hold of his post… can u say rendition.

People are so desperate, I am not gonna lie, I was them at one point.

love the pic :smiley:

There’s no way he can fit that in his tiny mouth!

This community, lol.
I am getting a good look at how this games community will be.

Mods are nowhere to be found

No winner yet i said sexy!!

Pm’d you with a picture

mods got keys and are busy playing the game

someones thirsty

i am more than sexy… want the key… pls… xD

I would only give extra keys to other gold members.

The Hamster is dead sexy XD

just give the key (to me)