Skate scout


Instant winner.

The only thing I don’t like is that the sky/background is too empty. Everything else is great.

Man look at that greasy mophead.

the hair edit doesnt look right.


the hair doesn’t match his face

Because he looks emo, and emo don’t look right, that’s why!

It just doesn’t look like hair the Scout would have, that’s all.

It doesn’t look right because usually hair like that doesn’t wave all over the place. It kind of just clumps up whilst going up.
Well it did that for me when I skated at least.

What direction is he supposed to be moving?

That’s a dumb reason, also not even remotely close to looking emo

That was sarcastic , you know? No need to mention what has already been said before.

Plus he sorta looks like one. Or maybe a scene. Dunno.


Like, radical man.

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Gnarly moves, dude.

His hair is made up of multiple rats.