Skateboard log#2

I’ve implemented the physics-based movement for the skateboard entity itself, which was my priority.

The player movement and animations are temporary until I fix some bugs, to which I will be adding some actual skateboarding animations.

Once I have cleaned up these features, I will move on to developing the trick system, allowing the player to perform tricks via keybinds - which may have UI as guidance.


Yooo, this is actualy amazing :clap:

What are you making this in? Is it just an animation? Anyway looks good

I think its just change angle Based on turning force
Because model itself use default walk cycle.

No need to post every update as another thread, just send it as a reply to the first thread.


Ah my bad, i’m not very experienced with forums lol.

I’m making it in Unity as I don’t have access to s&box itself, however unity provides a good platform for prototyping beforehand

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- Another Update -

I have implemented custom animations dependent on the player’s state(e.g. unboarded to boarded) →

Now my priority is to begin developing the trick system, and to smoothen out the animation/IK jaggedness at a later date.


Also I apologise about the awful quality of the videos, I have to incredibly reduce the target bitrate when rendering in order to upload the videos/gifs onto the post. :sweat:

I wouldn’t worry too much about the bitrate, you’re making good progress.

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I really appreciate that it honestly means a lot, especially considering that I’ve had to make everything from scratch in Unity without assets from s&box, with many clashes between scripts causing hours of pain

Just a tip, you can decrease fps to 30 and you’ll get double the quality if you really that concerned about it.

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