Skateboard Prodigy

Asain Kid makes his return!

… and even God thinks Fett is the man.

Excuse the big ass pictures.

Boba Fett is floating, i can only assume god is made out of metal and the random lens flare has produced enough heat to weld them together.

Yeah, I was too lazy to fix it. But not lazy enough not to hit the lens flare filter.

Ok, I don’t even care about the quality, the second picture is fucking amazing.

Is that Ozzy in the first picture? :v:

Oh FUCK yeah. Asian kid will skate all over your shit.

Is tat ozzy osbourne in the background?

I second that :smiley:

Yes friends, even the Prince of Darkness respects the Asian Kid’s mad skills.

Tell me, why is Faraon_ZzZ rating everyone dumb ?!

Joker can’t skate!

he’d crush himself into a pulp

That’s what he makes you think

Until he rises up and beats you silly ass

ofcourse my master. how foolish i was

He only pretends to be a cripple so you let your guard down. Then he pops a Kickflip McTwist to put you in your place.

I would also like to add that I myself am also in this picture as “Gas-Mask-Guy-Getting-Camera-Phone-Picture-Ruined-by-Louis-Guy”