Yesterday I began development on a skateboard mechanic; being very bare-bones currently.

I am unsure regarding vehicles within s&box (whether or not they have been implemented yet) - however I’m planning on making the skateboard a spawnable entity that can be mounted and dismounted like the tool from gmod.

I also hope to add a trick system, allowing the player to press certain keybinds to perform tricks. (possibly with custom UI)

(Also the board model and playermodel are just placeholders until I finish the board code itself xd)


I love it. Such a simple idea that could add so much to the gameplay. I personally found game modes like Surf and Bhop confusing, but a game mode based around skateboarding is something simple most people could understand, even if they do not have the physical skill to mount one in real life!

I’ve received a lot of similar opinions, I really do hope to complete this project as I myself love skateboarding games and mechanics!