Skates Gmod Multi Tool

After making my Point Shop Auto config i’ve decided to start creating a bunch of tools that automatically fill out most of the scripts for you and put them all into one program.
So as a start I want suggestions. I might feel like making something similar to Wyozi’s HUDBuilder and making it as a tool but I will need someones help with lua for that.
What I’ve got planned to code in so far:
-A Darkrp category full of tools
-A point shop category full of tools
-A basic Motd creator
-In-App lua editor
-In-App notepad
-HUD builder (Undecided)

The purpose of this is to create a remote multi tool to quickly and efficiently edit your scripts to save much more time. It would be a great help if someone with an ok experience with lua could help me with the code. You get credit for it.

Why would I need this?
Well if you host your own server individually and alone you know that with some game modes its a pain to have to edit so many files to make them custom to your server.
This tool could save you so much more time with everything built in!

What I need:
Support. This isnt going to be quick to code and will probably take a few days on average to be finished.
Someone with some lua experience: I need help with the Wyozi HUDBuilder inspired tool. Something thats creates a simple hud in a script.
Someone to test it. I need someone who can test most of this to make sure there are no bugs.
Suggestions. I need suggestions to add to this tool.

I may get hate for this maybe whether this is classed as a shitpost or whatever but I dont care. Im doing it for the people who want it.
Im only going to make this if I get enough support. Otherwise its pointless.

I wouldn’t mind helping, what language are you coding the tool in?

Im using Visual Basic. I think its just quicker to do then?
If you coded your Program in Vb mind sending it to me. I can add it to the tool without having to write new code?
Ill give credits in the program.

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Here’s the things im thinking about adding at the moment.

It’s C# but, it’s an easy conversion anyway.
There is nothing special in the code, it’s super simple, and it’s super messy and ugly, I just wanted to get a prototype.

Ok, have any experience in VB?

Not really, it looks pretty simple though.


Take this to PM, let’s not spam the thread with a one on one convo

Yeah it is. Ill try convert it after I do most of the program. Any suggestions leave them below