SKC a TTT edit?

Serial Killer in the City
So, I had an idea for a gamemode like TTT. You have the ***Tourists ***and the Serial Killer.
The objective is to survive for a limited time,find serveral objects to escape the area, or get to a safe place across the map that has a weapon.
The ***Tourists ***will have a flashlight(can also be used a melee weapon to break objects in the way).
The ***Serial Killer ***will have a number of melee weapons to choose from to choose from.
***Tourists ***will spawn in random areas away from each other.
TTT can easily be edit to make the gamemode happen, but we need permission.

just play a map with no weapons?

This is the exactly same idea i had, i got inspiration from Harpers Island.
But there needs to be other way to defend yourself as a tourist than flashlight, of course they could equip weapons.

Just a bad spin off… not worth it.

It is just to make more suspence and change the theme from military to a crazed killer.

I kinda like this idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love TTT, but it’s kinda hard to create a suspenseful environment when every innocent is armed to the fucking teeth.

Haha, ya that or you never get picked as the traitor or the admins are abusive.This gamemode really wouldn’t be difficult to code even from scratch. The problem would be with getting some good maps.

True. It would be kinda cool if you set it up so that you could find supplies and such that spawned randomly in several locations off the main path. Are you going to go off the main path and risk your life to go looking for supplies that might not even be there? Or are you going to take the most direct approach to the end, but risk not being properly prepared if the killer attacks you?

Indeed, especially if all the innocents group themselves together.