Skeleton Soldiers

I made these some time ago, but didn’t get around to releasing them earlier.

I saw this picture and I thught those skeleton soldiers look really fucking badass, so I decided to make them into models. I took some parts from the skeleton ragdoll from Ep2, put them on the ct_urban body, did some changes and got this:

The eyes should somewhat glow in the dark.
I added one flexfile for moving the jaw up and down, it works fine in model viewer, but it just refuses to work in gmod. I have no idea why is it happening, it might be just me.


Try using these models with some bears and maybe dinosaurs for maximum awesome. I wanted to do a picture like that myself, but I wasn’t sure if I could handle the ammount of awesome while making something like that.

O_O awesome, going to make some sweet poses with this.

Oooh…I was hoping for some Jason and the Argonaughts skeletons…

Awesome models for make wars Terrorist VS Skeleton Soldiers

OMG can you make them into NPCs?

Those are awesome

This, not those. It’s one model.

Nice work, necromancer. I shall find this very useful indeed for my legions.

Cool, Dragoshi likes it, he likes it!

Got my download :slight_smile:




awesome! thank you !

Jaws don’t drop, fix faceposer please.

He already said it doesn’t work in Garry’s Mod.

As I said, it works in model viewer perfectly fine, but the gmod faceposer just refuses to work on it. I have no idea why.

Dude, fuck yeah!
Now we need Kaffi to do them in diffrent textures.

Id love this as just a skeleton with glowing eyes…but this is good too (but not usefull for me)

These look badass. You’ve totally got my download :smiley:

OMG some guy lawton made a NPC out of this!I salute him!Heres the link

now all we need is those hoverball soldiers